Apps You Can Use to Track a Mobile Phone’s Location

While cell phones have provided us with many benefits in daily lives, they come with their own dangers and drawbacks. Since mobile phones provide our teenagers with a seamless way of communicating with others, they can end up making the wrong decisions in life, which can cause lots of troubles for you as a parent as well.

That is why almost every parent is concerned about the safety and well-being of their teenager. If that is the case with you as well, then you might be looking for a free application to track your teenager’s exact location by tracking their mobile phone. Here are some of the best free apps you can use to track a mobile phone’s location. You can easily locate a cell phone on Orange in France, or one any other data connection for that matter.

Google Maps

Google maps is one of the best location tracking applications out there in the market. This app is officially released by Google, and there are no safety concerns regarding its usage whatsoever. Google maps can be used to track the precise location of my mobile phone by using the target mobile phone’s location sharing option. Moreover, you can track multiple devices at once were using Google maps on your mobile phone.

Since Google maps uses GPS and Wi-Fi technology to track the location of the target mobile phone, the location accuracy is usually precise.


It is another free application which allows you to track another mobile phone easily. This app allows you to share a whole trip with your family, and also know your estimated speed when you are driving your vehicle.

Find My Device

Find my device is a free application developed by Google. It is only available for android phones at the moment. You can easily set up this application to track the location of any mobile phone.

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