Different Types of BBQ Smokers

Smokers are the devices used outdoors for cooking meals on low temperatures and maintaining a good amount of smoke around the food to get it absorbed. A quality smoker is built with sturdy materials and allows for the production of any required quantity of food at once.

There are lots of different types of smokers considering the type of fuel they require to operate. For example, there are smokers which operate on charcoal, wood, natural gas, and even electricity. Here are some of the types of smokers you can choose from.

Vertical Water Smoker

Vertical water smokers usually operate on charcoal (gas and electric versions are also available). They are the least expensive type of smokers and are most popular for that reason.

These smokers usually have a small size, so, they don’t require much fuel to operate. This is a perfect choice if you are just exploring the realm of smokers for the first time.

Offset Smoker

An offset smoker has two total parts. These smokers have built a bad reputation for the amount of smoke they leak because of a loosely closed doors. Secondly, the temperature distribution in poorly build offset smokers iis uneven. So, you can say goodbye to effective temperature control.

Some expensive versions of offset smokers eliminate these problems to some extent. Sometimes, the owner has to make some modifications to get the smoker to work properly.

Drum Smoker

Drum smokers are known for their simple design. They are so simple that you can build them by buying a kit. This makes the drum smoker one of the least expensive options you can choose from.

The biggest drawback of using a drum smoker is the temperature control as the simple design of the smoker makes it increasingly difficult to retain it on a certain temperature. You can build the best drum smoker by yourself instead of buying one.

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