Features to Look For in a Digital Piano

From portable to console type, digital pianos come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they all aim to replicate the sound of an acoustic keyboard as closely as possible. The first step of buying the best digital piano for yourself is to determine the type that is best suitable for you according to your needs and perhaps narrows down your choices by fixing a budget. To find how much do digital piano cost, check out this article.

The next and probably the most important thing is deciding the important features you want in your digital piano. Of course, you can’t expect to bag all the amazing features in the same instrument without burning a hole through your pocket, so you might have to settle on the features that are more important to you than the others. With that being said, let’s check out some of the most important features of a digital piano you need to look for.

Tone Selection

Digital pianos feature a variety of sounds and voices sampled from numerous different instruments to create realistic piano tones. This feature is the most important than others for many musicians but if you’re a beginner, you might end up being distracted by the vast variety of tones your piano offers.

Keys Action

The keys of a piano are attached with a wooden hammer at the back end that strike with the string to produce the sound. In digital piano, this hammer action is mimicked by fully-weighted and semi-weighted actions to simulate the response of an acoustic piano. A graded hammer action may also be included which lays a greater emphasis on lower octaves by assigning them greater weights.

Touch Sensitivity

This revolves around the ability of a piano to track how hard each of the keys is struck to determine the volume of each note. Beginner pianos with volume switches don’t have authentic touch sensitivity while the expansive ones have knobs to determine the overall sound output. However, the momentary volume is determined by touch sensitivity in those models.

Other considerable features may include Bluetooth connectivity, audio recording, learning tools, and polyphony.

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