Here’s How to Keep Your Upholstery as Good as New

Maintaining the life and durability of upholstery may seem like a tough job, which in reality it isn’t. Not convinced yet? Here are some basic steps that when taken at the right time can help you keep your furniture as good as new.

Give Fabric an Extra Thought

All kinds of upholstery cleaning and maintenance begins from this first step. If you are planning to get a new sofa or changing the fabric for the existing one, give it an extra thought. Will buying the fabric, it is important to consider the location where sofa or related furniture would be kept. If it an area that witnesses major human interaction, or if there are children or pets in the home, it is important to choose a fabric that is stain resistant and maybe a little darker in shade to conceal regular stains. Another consideration that should be kept in mind while choosing the fabric is to see which one makes it easier to clean, this can really be a life-changer in future.

Cover to Make It Long Last

As previously mentioned, upholstered furniture that is more exposed to potential stains and dirt requires extra care. This extra step means covering the furniture to make it last long. Arm covers for instance, can help protect the arms of the sofa or the chair from being stained by kids or in general by regular use. Slip covers provide overall protection and keep the furniture clean for a greater period of time. Choosing covers that match the fabric can actually make it seem like the part of the upholstery itself.

Make Cleaning Regular

Apart from shifting the cushions in a couple of weeks to maintain the staining and also the weartear of the fabric, it is important to maintain cleaning as a regular part of the schedule. From occasionally cleaning with a damp cloth to vacuuming, this regular step will definitely help you in the longer run.

Ask an Expert

For stains that are far out of your potential, call experts without sparing another thought. Professional cleaners have special techniques and methods that cleans effectively as well as retains the durability. For residents in Georgia, one such help comes from Rite Touch Maids as this will help you to locate cleaning services in Lawrenceville GA and to deal with stains that require a little extra effort.

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