How Long to Wait After Pressure Washing Deck to Stain With Readyseal

This is a question that gets posted a lot and gets all sort of answers, some of these answers are correct to an extent but there is no general answer to this question but we still get them, the most common recommendation we get when asked about the time we need to wait after pressuring washing a deck before we can stain it is anywhere between 48 to 72 hours and that should be sufficient time for it to dry but in some cases it still doesn’t, there is still a lot of moisture left behind and that stops the paint from sticking to the surface of the deck properly, we see a lot of decks having uneven paint or patches which didn’t get stained in the first place. If you ask me how much time you should wait before staining a deck after a pressure wash then I would say “sufficient”, you must allow sufficient amount of time for it to dry and that time is different from one material to another and also depends on the weather condition as well.

For you to be absolutely safe that you will not be wasting your time and resources after a pressure you need to first determine the type of wood your deck is made of because different types of wood take different amount of time to dry.

One way to quicken up the drying process and decrease the time is to make sure that the deck is exposed to sunlight for good amount of time during the day, if there is any shade that you have placed you should remove it for some time, power washing near me in Lewisville TX made it possible for me to do the deck staining properly by helping me understand the drying process.

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