How Much Can I Sell My Carpet Cleaning Business For

Some business owners are of a singular mindset wherein the only thing they can end up focusing on is the obsessive expansion and growth of their profit making enterprise. However, suffice it to say that life is not for working and doing nothing else at all, so when your business reaches an appropriate level of profitability you would do well to consider selling it at this current point in time. Selling your business allows you to cash in much earlier on, thereby giving you the chance to enjoy an early retirement without a shadow of a doubt.

As a result of the fact that this is the case, anyone that offers carpet cleaning Bexley would be extremely intrigued by the idea of selling their business. That said, your business is nothing less than your life’s work, so it makes sense that you would want to know how much you stand to earn from it if you take the decision to sell it to the highest bidder. Generally speaking, carpet cleaning businesses bring in around one hundred thousand dollars a year, and multiplying this by twenty should tell you the amount that you should ideally receive in exchange for transferring its ownership to a third party.

This one hundred thousand dollar amount is not talking about revenue, but rather profit. Multiply your annualized profit returns by a factor of twenty to come up with the accurate amount. Businesses that earn a hundred thousand dollars in profit can quite easily be sold for upwards of two million dollars which makes this the easiest way by far for you to become a millionaire and keep that wealth for future generations.

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