How Much Power Does a Solar Panel Produce?

Have you recently got a solar panel installed or are looking forward to getting one soon? Well, a great decision we must say. By now, you must have worked out the basic knowledge that you need to accumulate to understand your solar panel system better and get along with it. Our suggestion to you would be to keep exploring more and more information regarding solar panels and don’t stop no matter how well-equipped you think you are regarding solar panel knowledge.

One vital piece of information that you might be looking forward to getting is for sure regarding the power that your solar panel can produce. Well, there is no definite answer to this since your solar panel’s power generation relies heavily on its size, where you live, how much sunlight it gets, and other relative factors.

However, below we are going to give you some idea about the solar panel’s power generation and how to calculate it. So, keep reading:

Average Power Generated By Solar Panels

  1. Generally, a decent solar panel for home use in the current markets is made to produce around 250 to 450 Watts every hour. However, this power can vary further depending on where you live and how big or small your panel is.
  2. The bigger, domestic panels are made to produce around 1 kW to 4 kW hour per hour.
  3. A decent 4-5 kW solar panel setup on a normal house is made to generate around 2900 kWh of power in a year provided it keeps getting shone on for most of the day.

How to Calculate Your Per Day Solar Panel Power Output?

Using the following simple formula, you can work out the energy in kWh generated by your solar panel in a day:

  1. solar panel size (in square meters) x 1000
  2. The answer from the above step x Your panel’s efficiency in decimal
  3. The answer x Number of hours the sun shines in your area every day
  4. Divide the answer from the above step by 1000 and you’d the answer
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