Important Things to Remember When Filling And Submitting The N 400 Form

If someone wants to apply for US citizenship through the neutralization process, he must fill and submit the N 400 form. You have to fill and submit the form with USCIS. There are lots of simple questions asked on this form which are there to collect some basic information about you, and to see whether you are eligible to be a US citizen or not.

You can download the n-400 immigration form form for free on the official USCIS website. After downloading it, you have to fill it with the requested info before submitting.

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when filling and submitting the N 400 form.

Answer Every Question

As we already mentioned, the form has several questions which are meant to collect basic information about you. So, you must answer every question appropriately. Even if a question does not apply to you, you cannot leave it empty. Rather, you should write N/A in the empty field. However, if you are feeling confused about a question, you can always hire a lawyer and get their help in filling out the N 400 form.

Always Speak The Truth

Lying on your N 400 form is not an option. The form will go through the hands of several US government officials, and it is highly likely that any lie would be detected.

Lying on your N 400 won’t only cause your application to get denied, but you might also face serious legal troubles down the line.

Even if the application is approved, you citizenship might get revoked after many years if the lie is detected at a later stage.

Moreover, if you have submitted any other applications with the USCIS, make sure that the information matches.

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