Know More About The SDS Drill

What is a SDS drill? This is a question asked by many people who’re unaware of the latest technology. An SDS drill stands out amongst all the other conventional types of drills because it packs more power and capability than its counterparts. The SDS drill is usually used to dig holes through though materials like metal and brick walls.

Instead of supporting a single action, SDS drills combine both the rotatory and the hammering systems to get more efficiency and accuracy. Below we are going to explain what is a SDS drill.

The Meaning of SDS

The SDS drills, the word SDS stands for Slotted Drive Shaft (might also having other meanings depending on the brand). The word is primarily used to refer to the effective mechanism used in this drill to increase its overall power and efficiency to make it work though materials.

How They Work

An SDS drill has a rather unique mechanism as compared to the conventional drills. The bits inside this type of drill are indented on certain points, with ball bearings fitted between the bits and the shaft. This allows the bits to move back and fourth with complete freedom. A hammering mechanism is used to fire the bits back and fourth to make the unique action of the drill work precisely.

A SDS drill is far more efficient than a regular hammer drill, so, we can say that the SDS drills their power to the fullest by concentrating it on a single point to produce the utmost effect.

Uses of an SDS Drill

The typical uses of an SDS drill include drilling through harder materials like metals and brick/ concrete walls, that are usually very difficult to drill through. You can buy an SDS drill and keep it in your home to be used in any DIY projects and professional level works.

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