Know What Causes Some Most Common Dental Problems

Visiting a dentist might not be an experience a person usually looks forward to, but there are still common dental problems that occur due to improper oral hygiene and once understood thoroughly, helps a person to maintain their oral hygiene to prevent them in longer run.

However, it is still crucial to visit a dentist regularly to ensure optimal oral health. For people living in La Mesa, searching for dentist La Mesa helps in locating a dentist nearby.

Bad Breath

Perhaps one of the most common issues that nearly every other person suffers from bad breath. In fact, dental studies have concluded 85% people to complain about constant bad breath suffer from a dental condition that is the culprit. These conditions include gum disease, oral cavity, dry mouth and bacteria existence are all responsible for bad breath. While brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash may mask the smell, the real treatment lies in visiting a dentist.

Tooth Cavity

While many people believe it is a condition limited to children, it is not true as individuals of any age can suffer from a tooth cavity. With conditions such as eroding tooth enamel and high consumption, tooth decay occurs as a result of combination of plaque and ingested sugars that affect the enamel and can be prevented or treated by regular oral hygiene and dentist visits.

Sensitive Teeth

It is a common incidence when there’s sharp piercing pain in the tooth upon having something hot or cold. This is the manifestation of sensitivity. Sensitivity may be caused by tooth decay, old worn out fillings, gum disease or exposed tooth root and while many toothpastes provide temporary relief, the only permanent solution resides with a dentist.

Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are of different types. They may be the regular sores every other person suffers periodically such as canker sores which usually go away on their own within 2 weeks and there are cold sores, candidiasis; that occur due to a yeast infection and those that occur due to Herpes simplex virus. Such sores develop on the corner of the lips and may fade but do not go away permanently.

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