Make Your Home Bug Proof

Have you ever wondered why bugs get into our homes when they have all of nature to live in? Well, bugs need the same things that we do, as humans. They’re looking for food, shelter and water and a human household has plenty of all three for them. From their perspective, they’ve found a place that they can inhabit and since there aren’t any predators for them in the safety of your home, they keep multiplying and sooner or later you’ll notice thousands of them everywhere. This is how your home can become infested.

The best thing that you can do when your home has an insect problem is to call the exterminators. You can check out if you don’t know of any exterminators in your area. However, you can also be careful about bugs entering your home before it ever gets to a point where you need to call for extermination. On this page, we’ll talk about what you can do to make it so that your home never has bugs finding their way into it in the first place.

Remove The Welcome Signs

‘Hey, wait a minute, I’m not welcoming bugs into my house!’ – Yes you are. All those little gaps in your window screens and under your front door read as big welcome signs to bugs. Like we said earlier, they’re just looking for a safe spot to chill at.

Don’t Leave Food Out

Not only should you not leave food lying around uncovered but you also need to be careful not to leave any crumbs of food lying around since these are the primary sources of food for household insects. Even if bugs get into your home, they won’t survive for long without food so don’t give it to them.

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