Ongoing Commercial Roof Maintenance: The Key to a Happier Business

A lot of us, especially as commercial building owners tend to disregard or factor out the costs of roofing because we believe that our roof will last us a long time, and that is not always the case. A good roof that has been properly maintained can last you as long as 20 years, whereas a badly maintained roof can require a replacement in under 13 years, and given how expensive it can be to replace a roof, your best option is to start conducting regular ongoing commercial roof maintenance services for your roof. If you want to learn more facts about commercial roofing, then you can read more about it online, but for the sake of this article, we will be focusing on how commercial roof maintenance can save you serious money.

  • After the numbers were crunched and after a lot of research and mathematic calculations, it was found that people who maintain their commercial roof save an average of over 10 cents for every year per square foot, whereas a commercial roof with no maintenance end up over 10 cents every per square foot, and while this might not sound like a lot at first, it can actually mean saving up to thousands of dollars if you look at the entire picture.
  • If your roofing is intact, then your inside and outside air are not mixing, and this means that the internal temperature of the building is not affected by the bad roofing, and this means there is lesser electrical consumption done to maintain the internal temperature. So, this once again means saving a huge sum of money that would have otherwise been added to your utility bill.
  • Being able to detect a problem or leak early on will ensure less damage, and fewer costs to repair it, compared to finding out that it has been too late and for there to be extensive damage and a halt in operations.
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