Steps of Making Your Dry Erase Wall

Once you have found the best whiteboard paint for your surfaces, you need to learn about how to use it. For you to be able to apply the paint properly there are some tools that you need so that your job becomes easier.

Most of them are provide to you when you buy the paint kit. Since this paint is different from usual paints, you need to use a new roller to apply it for the best results. Along with this, you need a tray and a brush as well. One thing to be careful is that your paint mixture does not get diluted with water or any other substance because it can cause a reaction or ruin the effects it would have had on your walls.

Moving on, you need to follow these steps to avoid any confusion or mistakes. First of all, you need to measure the area where you want to apply the paint so that you know how much paint is required. If you forcefully use less paint to a wider surface, then the performance of the paint will reduce, then you will have to do the application process again.

Second, you need to prepare the area that needs to be painted ahead of application. This means that if there are any cracks or holes, they should be fixed, as the paint will only work properly on a smooth surface. After this, a few coats of primer need to be applied before the dry erase paint. The primer can be applied with any roller, after being thoroughly mixed.

After drying in twelve hours, you move on to applying the dry erase paint. The paint should be mixed together with all its parts and applied within any hour of mixing.

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