Tree Services And What They Mean

If you’re having trouble figuring out what different tree services mean, then you’ve come to the right page. Tree services from professional arborists such as Williams Tree Pro Services is really important for those of us who are living with trees near our homes but there can be some ambiguity in what certain services actually entail. Some of these services refer to methods of cutting and trimming trees to influence their growth while others might refer to removing or destroying a tree entirely. If you love your trees, then you need to know what the arborist is saying.

Tree Removal

This is a broad term but it generally refers to displacing a tree from a location. A tree may be removed from one spot and planted at another, where it can be allowed to take root and continue growing. However, this procedure might not be possible for all trees depending on their size and location.

Stump Grinding

This method entails the safe disposal of a tree. A tree growing in a neighbourhood or in a home’s back yard can be grinded using machinery. The idea is to reduce a tree into splinters, all the way down to its stump. This way it can be cut down without the risk of timbre falling on anything. It’s done when a tree absolutely has to go due to some infestation or death.

Tree Pruning

Sometimes, a tree’s branches head out in unwanted directions and if left unchecked, these branches might put pressure on walls of houses and/or nearby power lines. Williams Tree Pro Services can cut these branches in a way that alters the direction of their growth even before they can become troublesome and cause problems.

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