Why Don’t Mormons Drink Coffee?

You might be surprised and even downright shocked to hear this, but there is actually a pretty large number of people in the world who actively avoid drinking coffee at this current point in time. There are various reasons that people give for wanting to give coffee a wide enough berth, but suffice it to say that religious restrictions can play a huge role in this if you take numerous things into account. One religious domination in particular that prohibits their followers from consuming coffee is the Church of the Latter Day Saints whose members are referred to as Mormons both colloquially as well as between themselves without a shadow of a doubt.

Chances are that you are thoroughly confused by the fact that Mormons don’t drink coffee, and you should know that it’s not because they don’t like the taste. Rather, it has more to do with them wanting to stay as healthy as possible. If you check out this site you can find a lot of health benefits of coffee that might make you want to start drinking it, but it also contains tannins and other chemicals that the leaders of this church deem to be harmful for one’s health.

As a result of the fact that this is the case, members of the Mormon Christian denomination are not allowed to drink either tea or coffee. They don’t get to drink alcohol either which should give you a better understanding of how strict they have a tendency for being in this regard. Things like this might make you glad that you’re not a Mormon so that you can drink as much coffee as you might truly end up desiring!

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