Why Dry Eyes Are a Sign That Pollution is Getting Worse

The world that we live in has been built on industrialization and a maximization of economic output. While this has led to improved standards of living for quite a few people, although they are still decidedly a minority in the world with the majority living in poverty even now, it should be noted that this economic advancement has come at the expense of our planet once all has been said and is now out of the way. The reason behind this is that industrialization can cause a lot of environmental problems, and perhaps the worst of these problems has to do with the pollution that industrial output can end up creating.

Any kind of factory or plant will release waste chemicals and toxic gases along with particular matter, and all of this can become incorporated into the very air that we breathe. This can cause breathing problems, but that’s not the only thing that it can end up doing for you. Another thing that it could cause is that it might make your eyes drier than might have been the case otherwise, and you would need to see an optometrist for your dry eyes because they would stop working properly if their moisture levels get too low.

The pollution in the air tends to make people’s eyes very irritable indeed, to the point where they would no longer be capable of opening or closing them with ease. The prevalence of dry eyes is something that has started to become a really big issue, and it shows that pollution is getting a lot worse which indicates that we might just be running out of time if we want to reduce it.

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