Why You Should Buy Expired Domains

Although most of us already know that there’s a thing called expired domains. But very few people actually know how buying expired domains can help them.

The process of buying an expired domain is relatively easy, and provides you with various benefits. But doing proper research is absolutely necessary before proceeding to buy. Here are some benefits of buying expired domains.

Adding Authority

Websites and blogs built by using expired domains benefit from them a lot. When you buy a new domain name, you’ll have to work hard to create new content, build new backlinks and wait for a ling period of time to allow the domain in getting the age authority.

However, with an expired domain, you can use the SEO value and rank it already has, and start from there to improve it further over time.


Many large website owners don’t build entire websites on expired domains, but they build small websites that they can link back to from their main website. This allows you to transfer the existing link juice in the expired domain to your main website. Adding some content on the small website works like wonders, as makes the site look natural and normal.

This is a great way of building PBN (private blog network). You can main several small/ mini sites that all link back to one main site. This allows you to build backlinks really fast as compared to the guest posting method.

Use a Redirect

If you don’t want to spend you time in arranging content for the expired domain site, you can simply use a 301 redirect to redirect all the traffic to your new website. This will transfer the SEO value of the expired domain to your new/ main website.

Platforms like 3PTechies are your best bet to buy expired domains.

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